Financial Services

Hong Kong is one of the largest asset management centres in Asia and continues to attract international investors seeking an investment platform in the region.

Also favoured by its geographical and time zone location in Asia, this situation is the result of Hong Kong’s strong emphasis on the rule of law and fair market and the fact that there are no barriers of access to the market by foreign businesses and no restrictions on capital flows into and out of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is also the regional centre for portfolio management activity with about 2,000 authorised unit trusts and mutual funds, totalling net asset value of around HKD9,200 billion.

Because of its special relationship with China and its level of experience in the industry, Hong Kong is also a gateway to China’s financial services opportunities. As China’s market and industry keeps on growing, the interconnection between Hong Kong and the mainland will become closer and closer.

In this arena, the European fund industry can look at Hong Kong for distribution of its financial products and as a platform for further market penetration into China.

Our firm can assist in matters relating to the procedures for the authorisation for marketing and sale to the public in Hong Kong of offshore mutual funds as well as in Securities and Futures Commission licensing matters and related on-going compliance matters.